Updated on October 28th, 2021 at 03:06 pm

If you are an Illinois resident accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin you must act quickly!  Illinois drivers face harsher penalties for a Wisconsin OWI than Wisconsin residents.

A Wisconsin Drunk Driving Suspension will Follow You!

The fact that you received your DUI in Wisconsin is NOT a good thing! Wisconsin will issue a suspension and then forward that suspension to Illinois!

Different Penalties for Drunk Driving in Wisconsin

A first offense drunk driving (and sometimes a second offense) is usually pleaded down to a reckless driving in Illinois.  So when a drunk driving conviction appears on an Illinois driver’s record, it typically means that the driver has at least one other arrest for drunk driving.

A first offense Wisconsin OWI conviction for an Illinois driver will usually convert to a second offense according to Illinois Department of Transportation. If this happens an Illinois driver faces extremely severe license suspension penalties.

Driver’s License Suspension for Illinois Drivers with a Wisconsin OWI

A Wisconsin resident is likely to have a suspended or revoked license for 6-9 months for a first offense Wisconsin OWI.  If an Illinois driver receives an alcohol related license suspension, that is, if it is reported to Illinois Department of Transportation, the driver faces a suspension of up to five years.  When you actually get your license back will depend on a lot of factors an Illinois DUI attorney will be able to help with.

Obtaining a Temporary License

Wisconsin residents have the ability to apply for an Occupational License.  This process is simple and is not lengthy.  Illinois residents may be eligible for a Restricted Driver’s Permit (RDP).  This is a program which is time consuming, involving counseling and assessments, and formal hearings.  Receiving a RDP is at the discretion of the state.

Should Illinois Drivers Hire an Attorney in Wisconsin or Illinois?

The answer is potentially both.  The drunk driving charge happened in Wisconsin.  Hire Appleton OWI Lawyer Nathan J. Dineen to represent you.  Attorney Dineen handles many Wisconsin OWI cases for Illinois drivers.  Cases dealing with Illinois drivers must be handled differently.  Understanding the differences between Wisconsin and Illinois is absolutely critical.

You may will also need to hire an attorney in Illinois to handle the license suspension hearings.  Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen works closely with DUI Defense Attorneys in Illinois to work through the entire process of the out of state drunk driving charges.  Contact Attorney Nathan J. Dineen at 877-384-6800 for a Free Case Review.