Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 04:29 pm

Pulled over and charged with Wisconsin Drunk Driving? You must have a ton of questions:

  • 1. Will I lose my license? And if so, how long?
  • 2. What will happen if my employer finds out?
  • 3. Is drunk driving in Wisconsin a crime?
  • 4. Can I fight the charges? 
  • 5. How long is the process?

Fighting your Wisconsin DUI Charge is POSSIBLE! There are a lot of ways to fight your charges and protect you moving down the road. Below is a list Five Things You Should Do Immediately to protect yourself and ensure you are well-prepared to Fight your Wisconsin DUI Charge!

First, Write Down Everything You Remember

Police officers will write down everything they remember in their reports to use it against you. You should do the same. Anything that you can remember, from the weather, condition of the road, what you were drinking that night, can and is helpful to protecting you moving forward.

Second, Remove Anything Negative About You Online

With ever-changing security settings on online social media sites it is important to make sure any profiles you maintain are not easily accessible to wandering eyes. It is becoming increasingly common for inappropriate pictures to be obtained and used against you during your case.

Third, Do Some Online Research

In a world with Google and Yahoo search engines, information regarding Wisconsin Drunk Driving Charges has become immediately accessible. What penalties are you facing? How long is the process? Should I fight my case? Who should I hire? Answers to questions like these are accessible immediately online. Determine the severity of your situation. Do your research and determine what the best course of action.

Fourth, Hire the Right Wisconsin DUI Defense Lawyer

All Lawyers are NOT created equally. The number one thing you need to know when hiring a lawyer to represent is that Criminal Defense is not Drunk Driving Defense! What percentage of a lawyer’s practice is DUI related? When was the last time they tried and won a drunk driving defense case? How often do they plead out and avoid trial? There are hundreds of questions you should ask and have answered to ensure you make the best possible decision. Click the link above for a more thorough explanation of finding the right drunk driving defense attorney.

Finally, Take A Deep Breath

What is done is done! If you have completed the previous steps you are well-prepared to proceed forward and begin the process of fighting your Wisconsin Drunk Driving Charge. Attorney Nathan J. Dineen practices 100% Wisconsin drunk driving defense. His practice take him all over the state. Before you hire an attorney to represent you, contact us to review your case… We offer a Free Consultation to review your case, discuss your options, and the process before. Regardless of the decisions you make, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome.