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Every person charged with a Wisconsin DUI is required to attend an alcohol assessment.  An Alcohol and Other Drugs Assessment (AODA) determines drinking habits, the drinking history of the family, and any risks associated with the current drinking behavior of a person through a one-on-one meeting with a counselor.

For some Wisconsin DUI offenders, the assessment is beneficial to changing drinking behaviors, while other Wisconsin DUI offenders may need to attend other counseling sessions (group sessions) or even be admitted to in-patient care.

Assessments for wisconsin dui charges

One of the reasons a Wisconsin DUI offender attends an AODA Assessment is to help educate him or her on the dangers of drinking.  The assessment allows a Wisconsin DUI offender to self-evaluate drinking behaviors and understand potential risks, such as alcoholism or other addictions.

Finding the right wisconsin dui assessment location

There are many AODA locations available in Wisconsin.  The assessment is usually taken in the county of the Wisconsin DUI arrest; however, some Wisconsin DUI offenders may be able to take the assessment in his or her county.

Wisconsin dui lifestyle changes

For some people, the initial one-on-one Wisconsin DUI AODA Assessment provides sufficient knowledge for a lifestyle change.  Some Wisconsin DUI offenders find it more beneficial to continue with group meetings, while others chose a more intensive in-patient program.

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