Updated on November 8th, 2023 at 06:37 pm

Your Wisconsin DWI Lawyers at duidefensewi.com know every facet of Wisconsin state law regarding DWI/OWI procedures. We take every measure to review each individual case and build the best possible defense according to the law. Each county or municipality has varying ways of prosecuting DWI/OUI offenses, and hiring professional counsel well versed and knowledgeable in these areas can be the decisive difference between effective representation and client conviction.

Your court appearance

If this is your first offense, you may not be required to be present at your initial hearing. If you’re represented by a Wisconsin DUI attorney, your retainer and not guilty plea should be sufficient enough. However, if it’s your second or third arrest, your presence is mandatory at the first hearing and each subsequent appearance thereafter, as it is a misdemeanor.

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Arraignment or trial

If you should decide to proceed with a guilty plea at an arraignment, then you will immediately be scheduled a sentencing hearing. Registering a not-guilty plea will send your case to trial, where the state will provide every piece of evidence possible to convict you of OWI.

Any Wisconsin DWI lawyers may want to file Motion Hearings prior to trial, if the validity of the police report, field sobriety test, breathalyzer reading or witness testimony could be challenged. These motions are filed frequently and can often be used by your lawyers in Wisconsin to bolster a defense by elucidating inaccuracies or in-congruent information in the prosecution’s case.

Sentencing scenarios

After trial, a guilty verdict will result in a sentencing hearing. Oftentimes, guilty pleas before trial result in immediate sentencing. If jail or prison time is a condition of your sentencing, you will be expected to submit to custody immediately. If fines, license revocations and probation are applicable, they will also take effect immediately and you will be given a short window to pay restitution.

Your lawyers will do everything within Wisconsin law to elicit a not guilty verdict or a reduced amount of fines and criminal repercussions. We are diligent and vigil Wisconsin DWI lawyers who are on your side in the courtroom.