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The Germantown criminal defense lawyers at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen are qualified, experienced and hard-hitting in the courtroom because we know it’s your future on the line. We only practice DUI defense, which means that all our time, energy and focus is spent on one facet of law that we know thoroughly.

In rural, southeastern Wisconsin it can be difficult to shake the stigma of a drunk driving charge, but it’s not impossible with our OWI attorneys standing behind you.

It’s never a good decision to get behind the wheel after having a drink, but there are solid defense strategies that can help minimize the personal and societal impact associated with a Germantown DWI charge.

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Particularly in smaller communities, police are stringent in upholding strong penalties for OWI offenders. Keeping the streets safe is one of the local government’s primary missions. There is little tolerance for even minor infractions.

Vanden Heuvel & Dineen are attorneys who have a strong record of wins, mitigating penalties and fighting for your rights inside and out of the courtroom. Our skilled attorneys use the most recent DUI defense strategies, concurrent with Wisconsin law, to ensure your future remains intact and as an untarnished as possible. Our personalized defense strategies are designed to help each individual sustain little economic and social strain as a result of their arrest. Everyone makes mistakes, but don’t let those mistakes ruin the rest of your life.

It’s important to understand that although several factors may constitute probable cause for pulling a driver over, it does not necessarily mean that the motorist is criminally impaired. In these circumstances, our DUI attorneys can argue that these accusations alone do not constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Our DWI lawyers work closely with you to devise the best defense strategy for your unique case. Rather than just speak at you, like other attorneys, we discuss all possible outcomes and strategies with you.

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It’s our belief that being honest and transparent with our clients is an integral part of our services, because no one should be left in the dark about their future. How our aggressive, effective attorneys help you:

  • Our clients have our undivided attention and focus
  • Available 24/7 to all our valued clients
  • We investigate all relevant pieces of your case: analyzing officer’s protocol, determining if proper steps were taken, looking at how witnesses we chosen, how your sobriety test was administered, etc…

Our attorneys are available for a free consultation to discuss your case, possible defense options and answer any preliminary questions. Call 1-877-384-6800 today to get solid OWI defense attorneys behind you.

Facing a DUI rather than OWI?  Don’t worry, our attorneys will fight that too! If you have been charged with driving under the influence, talk to one of our Germantown Driving under the influence lawyer today.