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Nathan J. Dineen Attorney At Law, practices criminal defense in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Nate concentrates his defense to people charged with OWI (Operating While Intoxicated). With a strong focus on defending individuals facing DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges,

Nathan J. Dineen has been a trusted name in Green Bay’s legal community for over 20 years. If you require an experienced criminal defense lawyer, skilled in defending DUI – DWI charges, call 877-384-6800 now!

Our free, initial consultation over the phone, 24/7, is designed to get to know your case and to begin advising you on what to expect and how to proceed.

Green Bay dui lawyer Nate Dineen

Green Bay dui defense attorney

Nathan J. Dineen Attorney At Law is your reliable source for legal guidance when searching for a Wisconsin dui attorney. DUI cases can be complex and have serious consequences.

Nate Dineen has a proven track record of helping individuals navigate the legal system, ensuring their rights are protected, and striving for favorable outcomes.

Green Bay owi defense lawyer

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charges can have a significant impact on your life. Nathan J. Dineen understands the nuances of OWI cases and provides strong defense strategies. With years of experience in OWI defense, you can trust him to advocate for your rights and interests, while seeking charge reductions.

Green Bay drunk driving defense

When facing drunk driving charges in WI, having a skilled attorney is essential. Nathan J. Dineen specializes in drunk driving defense and has a deep understanding of Wisconsin’s OWI laws. He will work diligently to build a robust defense tailored to your specific case.

Green Bay defense lawyer – nate dineen

Nathan J. Dineen’s expertise extends to criminal defense in WI. If you find yourself facing criminal charges in addition to OWI or DUI, Nate Dineen is your ally in the courtroom.

His extensive legal knowledge and dedication to his clients make him a top choice for legal representation.

Entering a “guilty plea”

Entering a guilty plea immediately can sometimes carry the maximum legal penalties in Green Bay WI. For first offenders, this could mean instant license revocation or suspension, and possible probationary periods.

For second and third-time offenders, it could carry penal judgment to the fullest extent of the law. However, Green Bay DUI lawyers can help ease your options by stepping in and offering alternatives to these severe sentences.

Pleading “not guilty”

In the event of a ‘not guilty’ plea, any one of our Green Bay DUI lawyers will begin the process of “discovery” or gathering information and evidence from a defensive standpoint. This may include witness statements, audio recordings such as recent voicemails or police dispatch calls, and also investigating the scene of the infraction. At initial pre-trial hearings, your defense counsel will assess the prosecution’s case against you, and their settlement options.

Proceeding to trial, both the prosecution and the defense will make their opening statements and then begin presenting their case. A much more cohesive defense strategy than battling legitimacy of every detail is raising a theme from jury selection through trial. This can be an effective method of suggesting and sustaining reasonable doubt.

Our Green Bay DWI attorneys from Vanden Heuvel & Dineen are aggressive legal advocates and defense strategists fighting to protect your rights against a DUI charge.

Faqs about owi in green bay, wisconsin:

What are the penalties for OWI in Green Bay?

DUI penalties in Wisconsin can include fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol assessment, and even jail time. The severity of the penalties depends on factors such as previous OWI convictions and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

Can I refuse a breathalyzer or field sobriety test in Green Bay?

While you have the right to decline a breathalyzer or field sobriety test, there can be consequences, including potential license suspension. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney like Nathan J. Dineen before making such decisions.

How can I contact contact nathan j dineen attorney at law for legal assistance?

To seek legal assistance or schedule a consultation with Nate Dineen, call our office at 877-384-6800. Don’t delay in reaching out if you’re facing OWI or DUI charges in Northeast Wisconsin.

Contact green bay criminal defense attorney nate dineen

Nathan J. Dineen Attorney At Law is a trusted legal resource in Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializing in OWI and DUI defense. With a focus on protecting your rights and securing favorable outcomes, Nathan J. Dineen and his team are dedicated to helping individuals facing legal challenges.

If you need legal assistance related to OWI, contact Nathan J. Dineen at 877-384-6800 for a free initial consultation. Your future may depend on it.