Updated on November 20th, 2023 at 06:48 pm

After being pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, you’re going to be facing some tough decisions and potentially stiff repercussions. One of the easiest decisions you can make is to call 1-877-384-6800 and secure the professional legal counsel of Green Bay DUI lawyers from Duidefensewi.com.

Our free, initial consultation over the phone, 24/7, is designed to get to know your case and to begin advising you on what to expect and how to proceed.

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Entering a “guilty plea”

Entering a guilty plea immediately can sometimes carry the maximum legal penalties in Green Bay WI. For first offenders, this could mean instant license revocation or suspension, and possible probationary periods.

For second and third-time offenders, it could carry penal judgment to the fullest extent of the law. However, Green Bay DUI lawyers can help ease your options by stepping in and offering alternatives to these severe sentences.

Pleading “not guilty”

In the event of a ‘not guilty’ plea, any one of our Green Bay DUI lawyers will begin the process of “discovery” or gathering information and evidence from a defensive standpoint. This may include witness statements, audio recordings such as recent voicemails or police dispatch calls, and also investigating the scene of the infraction. At initial pre-trial hearings, your defense counsel will assess the prosecution’s case against you, and their settlement options.

Proceeding to trial, both the prosecution and the defense will make their opening statements and then begin presenting their case. A much more cohesive defense strategy than battling legitimacy of every detail is raising a theme from jury selection through trial. This can be an effective method of suggesting and sustaining reasonable doubt.

Our Green Bay DWI attorneys from Vanden Heuvel & Dineen are aggressive legal advocates and defense strategists fighting to protect your rights against a DUI charge. Some of our other services areas: