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Providing an understanding of Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws is an elemental way in which the Oshkosh DWI lawyers at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen can help you know what to expect from a DWI arrest.

Informative and truthful reviews of the laws of Oshkosh WI, and how they apply to your case, is crucial to moving forward in a defense that either result in acquittal or reduced sentencing.

When to call an Oshkosh DUI lawyer

In order to convict someone of DWI in Oshkosh, the state needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was probable cause leading up to an arrest and that all elements of the arrest were valid and factual. This may mean that what was observed as weaving or erratic driving is actually a result of mechanical influence rather than intoxication.

Oshkosh DWI lawyers and legal council from Attorney Nathan J Dineen are thorough in finding any subtle inaccuracies or factual discrepancies in the state’s case. But in the event that the case against you is strong, you should be advised of all possible outcomes.

Osh Kosh owi lawyer

If your arrest in Oshkosh WI should involve an accident or injury, you could be liable for civil damages on top of a criminal conviction. Not only can this inflate court fees and financial repercussions, it could also add significant prison time. Your driving under the influence lawyer in Oshkosh WI will also explain to you the scope of potential penalties, from most subtle too most severe.

License revocation may be avoidable in moderate cases and first offenses. Eligibility for occupational licenses, and the cost of applying for them, should also be reviewed. Alternative sentencing is often used to avoid lengthy probationary periods or suspension and may include alcohol counseling or other diversion programs.

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For a free and confidential initial consultation, call our hotline at 1-877-384-6800, 24/7. Let Nate Dineen review your case and give you an outline for defense. Informed and on your side, your advocates and dedicated criminal defense Attorney will strive to present you with the best possible defense against a drunk driving conviction.