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Being arrested for a DUI means you will likely have to endure an embarrassing roadside sobriety test as well as coming to terms with the harsh reality of sitting in the backseat of a police car with your wrists in handcuffs facing serious penalties. Our expert Sister Bay OWI attorneys can ease the severity of the situation, and help you deal with the possible penalties associated with these charges.

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Community service, license suspension and big fines are just a few of the things first time offenders can expect when convicted with DUI in Wisconsin. License suspensions can become even larger problems for commercial drivers and people who drive to work.

At Vanden Heuvel and Dineen, S.C., we know and understand what you are going through, and we can help. DUI cases are the only types of cases we handle, and our knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorneys will fight hard to save your license, job and reputation.

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In addition to making sure our existing defense strategies are solid, we also make sure that we stay up to date on the latest and most advanced forms of DUI defense. We are a member of the National College of DUI defense, have a great Avvo.com rating and are an AV-rated law firm. The skill and professionalism of our dedicated and caring Sister Bay DWI attorneys are unmatched.

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When you hire the aggressive representation of Vanden Heuvel and Dineen, S.C., you can be sure you will have attorneys in Wisconsin on your side that will stop at nothing to protect your rights.

Contacting one of our top Sister Bay DUI attorneys is easy. Simply fill out our online case evaluation form, or call us 24 hours a day at 1-877-384-6800 and schedule a free consultation. At Vanden Heuvel and Dineen, S.C., our focus is taking care of our clients.

If you or a loved one have been charged with an OWI or DWI, be sure to contact one of Sister Bay DWI lawyers today.