Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 07:21 pm

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is bar none the biggest drinking night of the year.  Bigger than New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July combined.  This also means that it is the biggest night for a Wisconsin DUI.  With so many people going out to the bars, the Wisconsin police officers are on high alert for drunk drivers in Wisconsin.  Family comes from out of town, the Thanksgiving food is the best hang-over meal, and the extended weekend means more days to recuperate before returning to work.

Wisconsin DUI Patrols Increase

A Wisconsin police officer will pull over drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts, are swerving, or have difficulty maintaining speed.  These are also common signs of people who are just distracted with multiple passengers.  Many people have family from out of town, which means there are that many more options for a sober driver.  Calling aunts and uncles who don’t want to partake in drinking at a Wisconsin bar, or bringing the 20 year old cousin as the chauffeur for the night are just a few options for a designated Wisconsin sober driver.  Larger cities have options for riding the bus or taking a taxi.  Another safe option is to stay with out of town family at the hotel and drink at the hotel bar.

Fight Your Wisconsin DUI Charge Aggressively

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