Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


Across that nation, Departments of Transportation are looking for ways to curb drunk driving behavior.  The newest way to send this message isn’t on television or on the radio.  You won’t see billboard ads for it.  You will find it in the men’s bathroom – talking urinal cakes.  Many states have attempted to use these interactive urinal communicators (IUC) and have shown some progress toward fewer drunk driving statistics.

Drunk Driving Messages from Talking Urinal Cakes

The IUC’s attempt to reduce drunk driving behaviors uses humorous messages, which are activated “mid-stream.”  A “constant stream” will also give an idea of intoxication.  Messages like “Looking good,” “Charming,” and “Where are your pants?” give an indication of the level of intoxication.  If you hear “Where are you pants?”  it is a good indicator to find an alternative ride home.

Does this Method Curb Drunk Driving Habits?

If these IUC’s were brought to Wisconsin, would you curb your drunk driving habits?  There have been mixed reviews on the use of the talking urinal cakes.  Some businesses have had them stolen from their urinals, while other establishments had to remove them due to customer complaints.

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