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If you have been arrested for a Washington County OWI, the main concerns are “how much will a Washington County OWI cost me” and “what are the fines I have to pay for a Washington County OWI?”  According to the study published in March 2013 – The Burden Of Excessive Alcohol Use in Wisconsin by Black and Paltzer of the University of Wisconsin, drunk driving and excessive use of alcohol are costly not only to the driver arrested for Drunk Driving in Washington County, but for the community as a whole.

Consequences Related to Alcohol Use in Washington County

According to the study of excessive alcohol use, Washington County was responsible for 34 alcohol-related deaths in 2011.  The result of drinking and driving also cause 924 hospitalizations because of alcohol and 1,235 alcohol-related arrests.

Washington County OWI Community Costs

Washington County OWI charges (in 2012) cost $157.2 million.  Broken down, a Washington County OWI costs taxpayers about $66 million, excessive drinkers and their families pay about $65 million, and the remaining $25 million is covered by private health insurers, employers, crime victims, etc.  This means each Washington County resident pays nearly $1,200.00 a year towards alcohol-related incidents.

Washington County OWI – Where Does the money Go?

Wisconsin’s binge drinking rate of 23%, which is higher than the national average of 16%.  Washington County maintains Wisconsin’s average at 23% as well.  The high rate of binge drinking is responsible for nearly 76% of the economic cost of excessive alcohol intake.  The $157.2 million dollars it costs for Washington County to consume alcohol goes toward healthcare (nearly $17 million), lost productivity (about $114 million), and other costs associated with the court system, crashes, etc. (approximately $27 million).

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