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Some may think it is easy to determine a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) because there are charts based on gender, weight and the amount of alcohol a person drinks.  Other ways to determine BAC in Wisconsin are through blood tests or breath tests.  However, these determinations are not always accurate.

Drunk driving blood tests in wisconsin

The results of a blood sample can be skewed depending on whether a person was in an absorption stage or the elimination stage.  It is hard to determine whether the sample was properly labeled and safely transported to the state lab for testing.  For example, these were issues with the Milwaukee Brewer’s Ryan Braun drug testing issue.  The machines used to determine alcohol content may not have been properly calibrated or tested for reliability and validity.

Wisconsin dui breath tests

Breath tests are designed to detect alcohol, however, these results can be skewed because it can and will detect Multiple Types of Alcohol, not just the kind you drink.  There are many products that contain alcohol, and long-term or recent exposure can alter the results of the breath test.  These tests can also be skewed based on a person’s absorption rate, whether a person has reached peak, or the conditions of the weather.  Also, a person’s normal bodily functions and breathing patterns have an effect on breath tests.

Other factors affecting bac

Individual habits are not always considered when determining BAC come from a person’s BAC.  The Amount of Food a person eats and length of time before a blood or breath sample are given effect BAC.  It slows the absorption rate.  Smoking cigarettes also slows that rate of alcohol absorption.  The amount of time that has passed since a person has stopped drinking makes determination of BAC more difficult, because one would have to know how much the person alcohol ingested, the time a person reaches peak BAC, and how quickly or slowly alcohol is Eliminated from the Body.

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