Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


Binge drinking costs nearly $38.9 million per year for a Door County OWI.  Each resident pays nearly $1,400.00 per year for Door County OWI charges.  Door County is a vacation hot spot in Wisconsin.  Not every person charged with a Door County OWI is a resident.  How often does binge drinking lead to a Door County OWI? Who is paying this $38.9 million?  Where is this money going?

Influence of Alcohol for a Door County OWI

Binge drinking is acknowledged as having five or more drinks for a man or four or more drinks for a woman within a short period of time.  Wisconsin has a 23% binge drinking rate, nearly 30% higher than the national average.  Door County accounts for 26% binge drinkers.  Some towns in Door County are considered “dry” meaning they do not serve alcohol.  Residents and tourists must travel to nearby towns for alcohol, which means driving.  Getting behind the wheel after binge drinking is dangerous.  According to 2011 statistics in “The Burden of Excessive Alcohol Use in Wisconsin” study by Black and Paltzer, alcohol use in Door County has accounted for 7 deaths, 211 hospitalizations, and 296 arrests for a Door County OWI.

Economic Cost of a Door County OWI

Door County Drunk Driving charges cost taxpayers nearly $16.4 million annually.  Drinkers and their families pitch in about $16.1 million.  The remaining Door County OWI cost other members of society nearly $6.3 million for a Door County OWI totaling $38.9 million per year.  This money is used towards healthcare ($4.3 million) and costs for criminal justice systems, motor vehicle crashes, etc. (nearly $6.6 million).  The remaining $28.1 million is for lost productivity, resulting from missing work, premature mortality, incarceration, and absenteeism because of a Door County OWI Arrest.

Door County OWI Defense Attorney

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