Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 07:08 pm

If you are convicted of a Wisconsin DUI, your license will be suspended.  The amount of time for suspension depends on the number of drunk driving offenses on your record.  The same goes for the amount of time to pass before a driver is able to apply for an Occupational License.

Length of Wisconsin License Suspension for Driving Drunk

Each WI OWI case is different in severity of the offense, so each offense has a range of suspension time.  A person with a first offense WI DUI will face 6 to 9 months of license suspension.  A second time DUI offender ranges from 12 to 18 months of suspension on their WI driver’s license.  A charge for 3 or more intoxicated driving offenses in Wisconsin requires a 2 to 3 year license suspension.

Wisconsin Occupational License Application

An occupational license is a temporary driving permit.  An occupational license allows a person with a suspended license to drive during specific daytime (or nighttime) hours for employment, school, or other daily living activities (i.e. grocery shopping).

The occupational license must be applied for at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  A person with a first offense drunk driving charge will be able to apply for an occupational license immediately.  A second, third or greater WI DUI offense results in a 45 day waiting period before being able to apply for the occupational license.  This time is extended to a 12 month wait if a previous drunk driving offense occurred within five years prior.

WI License Suspension for Refusing Blood or Breath Tests

If a driver refuses blood or breath testing at the time of arrest, even if it is a first offense, the suspension will be longer.  A refusal in WI has a waiting period before applying for an occupational license.  There is a one year license suspension for a first offense WI DUI refusal and a 30 day waiting period before applying for an occupational license.  A second offense WI DUI will be two years license suspension and 90 days before applying for the occupational license. Any additional WI DUI charges with a refusal have three years suspension and a 120 day waiting period for an occupational license.   A second, third, or greater WI Drunk Driving Offense with a prior within five years has a 12 month waiting period for an occupational license.

Save your License, Hire an Attorney

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