Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 03:54 pm

Driving while under the influence of Prescription Drugs in Wisconsin is illegal if not within a therapeutic range.  Prescription drugs have certain ranges to determine medical need for a person and if you are beyond this range you are impaired by the drug. Per Se Drugs, or controlled substances, are illegal for any person to have any amount of the drug in their body.  Driving while impaired by illegal drugs will result in a Wisconsin DUI regardless of the amount of time lapsed before driving.

Prescription Drugged Driving in Wisconsin

Many prescriptions have warnings about not operating heavy machinery or driving until knowing how the drug will affect you.  These warnings do not mean that a person is impaired by the drug while driving, until a certified Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) can determine impairment.  A drug panel from a blood sample must also be taken to determine the amount of the prescription drug in a person’s system.  A person with drug amounts above the therapeutic range is considered “too” impaired to drive.  A citation for a Wisconsin DUI will be issued.

Wisconsin DUI: Controlled Substance

A controlled substance is considered a Per Se Drug, meaning that the very presence of the drug in your body makes you impaired.  Per se drugs include prescription drugs which are not prescribed to the person taking them, and drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.  Drugged driving in Wisconsin can cause slow reactions or quick irrational decisions, which are dangerous for the impaired driver and other drivers on the road.  If a Wisconsin police officer makes a stop and has suspicion the driver is under the influence and impaired by drugs, he will contact a DRE to determine drug type and impairment.  A Wisconsin DUI will be issued and the driver will be under arrest for drugged driving in Wisconsin.

Hire a Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Certified as a Drug Recognition Evaluator

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