Updated on May 2nd, 2022 at 07:04 pm

Have you been alleged for DUI in Milwaukee County? What do I do? Where do I go now? Is my future forever ruined? Vanden Heuvel and Dineen are qualified DUI attorneys and drunk driving defense lawyers serving the greater Milwaukee area and beyond. Our combined track record of successful and aggressive defense representation for our clients creates a proven background of excellence in legal strategies and customer service.

 Experience the Best

In Milwaukee County, DUI defense of the highest standards is available to all citizens facing these demanding charges. We take care in providing detail-oriented and personalized approaches so every client can receive the best legal representation available.

  •   Know Your Rights: Vanden Heuvel and Dineen want you to know that just because you’ve been charged with DUI, that doesn’t mean your legal rights have vanished
  • Let our DUI attorneys in Milwaukee County inform you of your rights as a citizen, and show you how to present the best defense possible to safeguard your future
  • Expert Evaluation: We build our defense strategies by evaluating each case with the knowledge of how the prosecution presents its arguments and gathers information
  • Putting the Client First: Our drunk driving defense lawyers excel at putting the needs of the client first
  • We educate our clients and discuss all possible outcomes and potential penalties

We’re On Your Side

DUI attorneys and drunk driving defense lawyers at Vanden Heuvel and Dineen are on your side and in your corner when you need help the most. Let us put our special brand of expertise to work for you, so that you can feel the comfort of knowing the best DUI defense lawyers in Milwaukee County are working for you.  Let us ease the frustration and confusion of such a trying and difficult time.

 Always Available

Our DUI defense lawyers’ hotline is open 24/7 for a free initial consultation. Don’t hesitate to call us first when you’re facing a potential charge.

As a citizen of Milwaukee County, you have the right to the most professional, versatile and aggressive legal representation anytime you need it. Contact Vanden Heuvel and Dineen, DUI attorneys and drunk driving defense lawyers in Wisconsin for a consultation today.