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In Ozaukee County, a citizen facing DUI charges need legal counsel that has experience, professionalism and is known for going the extra mile. That’s why Vanden Heuvel and Dineen DUI attorneys and drunk driving defense lawyers are so respected in the community. We are tenacious, pursuing many avenues for defense and alternatives to sentencing. We are also aggressive, investigating all angles of each client’s case in order to present extraordinarily thorough strategies. But most of all, our DUI attorneys in Ozaukee County Wisconsin care about our clients, and put your needs first.

The Facts

If you’re facing a DUI charge, there is a sliding scale of penalties and possible outcomes.

  •   First Offense: Considered a traffic violation, not a misdemeanor. Handled in civil court, not criminal. Alcohol Assessment classes, provisional or occupational licenses, and IID (Ignition Integration Device) installation are typically required for first time offenders. Your DUI attorneys in Ozaukee County can inform you of how these alternatives work in your favor
  • Second and Third Offenses: Subsequent offenses, depending on the amount of time between DUI charges, can include brief jail sentences on top of a period of license revocation. However, your drunk driving defense lawyer may be able to argue for a perforated sentence to be served over a collection of weekends. This is especially desirable for clients whose families depend on their income and daily care.
  • Fourth Offenses and Up: Multiple offenses come with mandatory prison time. The length of stay may be shortened due to good behavior, or if the client agrees to an extended probationary period.

Your Ozaukee County DUI attorneys will provide you with more detailed information, letting you know of all possible outcomes, and taking care to ensure that your civil rights, and personal needs, are always held in high regard.  We represent people from all walks of life including: police officers, teachers, fire fighters, nurses and many more.

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