Updated on November 14th, 2012 at 06:07 pm

Figuring Out the Intention of the Prosecution

Depending on the situation, your Milwaukee DUI case may or may not go to trial, depending on what the prosecution wants to do with it. If they plan to settle your case, they will want something from you, and what that is varies. The prosecution will not readily reveals its position, but an experienced Milwaukee DUI attorney will be able to read the signals given by the prosecution and figure out what they want.

One sign that the prosecution may intend to take your case to trial is extensive and lengthy note-taking after a pre-trial conference. Generally, the prosecutor in a Milwaukee DUI case will be in the employ of the state attorney’s office or another large governmental agency. Because workloads and work schedules vary, a single prosecutor will not be the sole individual in charge of your Milwaukee DUI case throughout the entire process.

Taking a lot of notes means that the prosecutor believes that there is something unusual about the case, for better or for worse; a more ordinary case does not require so much in the way of written information and comments. To determine whether the prosecution’s pre-trial notes are a good sign or a bad sign, pay attention at the next pre-trial hearing. Based on the tone of voice used by the prosecutor and the nature of his or her comments, your Milwaukee DUI attorney will be able to decide what had been going on during the previous pre-trial hearing.

A usually positive development in terms of prosecutor’s intentions is the presence and involvement of a DUI prosecutor who is relatively new to his or her job, as new prosecutors are often employed on a probationary basis. If the prosecutor has a bad win-loss record, your Milwaukee DUI attorney could show him or her that your case might end up causing more problems, leading to the possibility of a faster settlement for the benefit of all.

Assessing the intentions of the prosecution is one of the many skills a qualified attorney can bring to your case. For more information and a free consultation, fill out the form on this page to speak to a qualified Milwaukee DUI lawyer at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.