In Wisconsin the penalties for a drunk driving charge range from: possibility of jail time, large fines, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), and license suspension/revocation.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving First Offense

In Wisconsin a first offense drunk driving is a traffic violation.  You will not face jail time.  However, if you have a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle at the time of arrest, you will face jail time.  Other penalties include a fine, license suspension ranging from 6 months to a year, AODA assessment, Victim Impact Panel, and potential installation of an IID if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over .15.

Second, Third, and Fourth WI DUI Offenses

Under Wisconsin law, second, third and fourth drunk driving offenses are considered misdemeanors.  Misdemeanors include the possibility of up to one year in county jail.  Your license will be suspended for a minimum of a year, mandatory installation of an IID on all vehicles in your name for as little as one year, and an alcohol assessment and treatment.  You can expect these penalties to increase if you are involved in an accident or have a high BAC. A fourth offense occurring within 5 years of a prior offense is a Felony.

Fifth and Subsequent DUI Offenses in WI

These convictions are Felonies, which mean prison time and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Obtaining a Wisconsin Occupational License

As a penalty for getting a DUI charge, your license will be revoked.  At this point, you may be eligible for an occupational license.  In order to obtain an occupational license, you will have to show proof of insurance.  You will need serious risk insurance, which may be 55-75% higher than your current rate.

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for Drunk Driving in WI

This device is a handheld “breathalyzer” that is installed in your vehicle.  You must blow into this device prior to starting and operating the vehicle.  An IID costs around $1,000.00 a year for installation and maintenance.

Hiring an Experienced WI DUI Defense Attorney

It is important to hire an attorney with experience in Wisconsin DUI Defense.  If you have been charged with a WI OWI/DUI offense, contact Attorney Nathan J. Dineen of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C at 877-384-6800 for a Free Case Review.  Attorney Dineen practices 100% WI DUI Defense, and is a member of the National College of DUI Defense.  He is a certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor and Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE).