Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm

Red Face as Sign of Intoxication in Milwaukee DUI Arrests?

Police officers often testify in court that your face was red when you were pulled over preceding your Milwaukee drunk driving arrest. Like claiming that you had an odor of alcohol on your breath, it’s an easy way for them to bolster their claim that you were driving under the influence, but a red face is ultimately not a very good indicator of a person’s blood alcohol content, which your OWI lawyer will explain to the jury through cross-examination.

How a Milwaukee DUI Lawyer May Counter a “Red Face” Claim

In most cases, the police officer’s claim that your face was red at the time of your arrest won’t have any real evidence to back it up. However, jurors tend to assign a high truth value to police testimony, and your Milwaukee DUI lawyer won’t win many points by questioning the officer’s honesty outright. A better strategy is to argue that although your face may have been red, it wasn’t necessarily caused by alcohol consumption.

Causes Other Than Alcohol

Aside from alcohol, there are countless other causes for face reddening. Some people’s faces have a naturally ruddy complexion, but even among those who don’t, reddishness can be caused by a sunburn, for example, or a woman’s blush makeup.

A red face can also be the result of embarrassment, anger, fear, or nervousness—the exact same emotions a person is likely to feel when pulled over by the police and questioned. In high-stress situations such as these, a quick flow of blood to the face is a common bodily reaction and has nothing to do with how much you’ve been drinking.

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