Updated on March 4th, 2015 at 09:38 pm

Fighting Wisconsin DUI Breath Test Results

To win a Wisconsin Drunk Driving Trial you must understand and be able to Attack Wisconsin DUI Breath Tests. Understanding Wisconsin DUI Breath Tests and the Wisconsin Breath Test Machine is very important. Requesting your WI Breath Test Records is the first step to fighting your WI DUI Breath Test Result. Whether your Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney obtains it by asking the prosecutor through formal discovery or conducting independent investigation, there is certain information in your case that will help build a better defense for you. Of course, every case is different and what is needed for your case may vary.

When making a decision as to what information to obtain and how to obtain it, your Milwaukee DUI lawyer must keep in mind that whatever information the defense gathers may end up with the state, i.e. the prosecution, especially in the case of the formal discovery process. In the formal discovery process, information is requested by your Milwaukee DUI attorney from the prosecution, which can call undue attention to your case. An experienced Milwaukee DUI lawyer will know what is appropriate based on the circumstances.

Don’t Settle Because A Paper Says You are Over .08!

The following are some of the types of information that your Milwaukee DUI lawyer may work to obtain via discovery or open records request if the case that the prosecution is building against you uses breathalyzer results as evidence:

1.) The Arresting Officers Relevant Training History of the officer.
2.) License ensuring that the laboratory credentials are current.
3.) Police Department protocols, procedures, techniques, and methods;
4.) Machine Documents: the manual, calibration reports, previous test results;
5.) Accuracy-check records, testing and maintenance logs.

Knowing which documents and records are important to ask for, as well as whether it is appropriate to request such documents through discovery, is just part of the knowledge and expertise that a qualified Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney will use to help you to fight DUI charges. Our attorneys have trained tirelessly on the wisonsin breath test machine. We have the knowledge to defend you. Fill out the form on this page for a Free Case Evaluation from Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.