Updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 09:06 pm

Jury Selection: Bias for the Prosecution

Jury selection, or voir dire, is the process before a DUI trial in which attorneys from both sides screen each potential jury member for biases that would affect his or her ability to make fair decisions regarding the issues in the case. In particular, an experienced Milwaukee DUI attorney will need to be on the lookout for jurors who, for various reasons, are likely to be biased for the prosecution. The prosecutor is not going to make any special effort to remove these jurors from the jury pool, so your DUI attorney must be vigilant.

One type of juror who is likely to be biased in favor of the prosecution is a professional driver such as a trucker, bus driver, or even taxi cab driver. Individuals in these professions tend to take a dim view of drinking and driving because they spend so much time on the road, and therefore they probably have been exposed to many drunk drivers. Because of their experiences with these other drivers, they are prone to assuming the worst about you.

Another type of juror who is likely to be likely to be biased towards the prosecution is people who have been in law enforcement. These individuals are likely to identify with the officer and believe his story, even in the face of strong evidence undermining his testimony.

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