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If you have been arrested for a WI DUI, you need to act quickly.  Although it may feel overwhelming to have so much paperwork, it is important to go through all of it.  Once a Notice of Intent to Suspend is received, you have 10 days to respond.  The Notice of Intent to Suspend gives you thirty days before your driver’s license it’s suspended.

In order to fight this suspension, a WI DUI License Suspension Hearing must be requested within ten days.

What is a WI Suspension Hearing for Drunk Driving?

The WI license suspension hearing is known as an Administrative Review Hearing.  This is a DMV hearing to review your case prior to the license suspension.  The focus of the hearing establishes reasonableness of the officer making the stop, whether the person was actually seen driving, and probable cause for the arrest.  The DMV Administrator hears the testimony of the officer, reviews the police report and chemical evidence.

Is it Important to Request a Wisconsin Administrative Review Hearing?

Yes.  It is vitally important to request an Administrative Review if you are going to fight your DUI charge.  They are important because it is your attorney’s first opportunity to figure out who you’re dealing with.  Is the officer who arrested you a thirty year veteran?  Or is he someone who has just started working third shift?  Understanding who you’re dealing with is an important first step.  It is the first step to figuring out the type of defense you are going to use and how to start attacking your DUI charge.

Hire DUI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen

Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen understands the DUI license review process and the importance of maintaining his client’s privilege to drive.  He practices 100% DUI Defense in Eastern Wisconsin.  He is available 24/7 and offers a free initial consultation to Review your Case.

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