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For each Milwaukee County OWI, the cost to friends, family, neighbors, and other members within Milwaukee County is raised.  Each resident of Milwaukee County pays about $1,075.00 annually for Milwaukee County OWI costs.  With an increase of Milwaukee County OWI Arrests each year, the economic cost will increase.  According to the study, “The Burden of Excessive Alcohol Use in Wisconsin” by Black and Paltzer, Milwaukee County OWI arrests accounted for $1 billion for economic costs in 2012.

Rates of Excessive Alcohol Use in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County has a rate of 21% of binge drinking, which is a man consuming 5 or more drinks in a short period of time or 4 or more drinks for a female.  Wisconsin as a whole makes up about 23% for binge drinking.  The national average is at 16%.  The rate of excessive drinking in Milwaukee County allots for nearly 354 deaths, 10,393 hospitalizations, and 6,387 Milwaukee County OWI arrests in a year.

Taxpayers are Hit Financially for Milwaukee County OWI Arrests

A Milwaukee County OWI means society (i.e. private health insurers, employers, crime victims, etc.) has a financial burden of $166 million and drinkers and their families pay nearly $423 million.  This leaves taxpayers pitching in nearly $430 million dollars per year towards a Milwaukee County OWI.

Milwaukee County OWI Elements of Economic Cost

The extra healthcare costs due to a Milwaukee County OWI total nearly $112 million dollars.  This includes costs for an ambulance in the case of an accident, the laboratory work for chemical testing for a Milwaukee County OWI, etc.  Another $736 million accounts for lost productivity due to a Milwaukee County OWI.  Lost productivity is the time an officer spends with a Milwaukee County OWI offender for the arrest, time lost for work a driver may miss due to revocation or suspension of driver’s license or time spent in jail.  The remaining $171 million of total $1 billion per year for a Milwaukee County OWI goes to costs associated with the court system, motor vehicles crashes, etc.

Get the Best Defense for your Milwaukee County OWI

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