The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released its 2016 Most Wanted List. NHTSA has proposed a number of changes and modifications to current laws to deter drunk driving.

At the top of the list is lowering the legal limit from .08 to .05 BAC. According to NHTSA, by the time a person’s BAC reaches .08 the chances of a crash or accident have more than doubled. In addition, NHTSA’s research indicates that even low levels of alcohol can degrade motor skills and increase the risk of a crash.

Most Wanted List

In conjunction with lowering the legal limit, NHTSA lists on its most wanted list:

  • Stronger impaired driving laws;
  • The increased use of high visibility enforcement;
  • IIDs for all offenders, no matter which number offense;
  • And specifically tailored OWI courts that provide individualized punishment and treatment.

Driver Alcohol Detection Systems

Most interestingly, NHTSA is asking that future vehicles to be equipped with developing Driver Alcohol Detection systems. These systems, either touch or breath based, would be built into new automobiles. The goal of the systems would be to prevent the driver from ever operating the motor vehicle while impaired from alcohol.

NHTSA also asked for additional reporting information from states regarding OWIs and accidents caused by illegal substances and prescription medications. NHTSA admits that it has little understanding of the relationship between the amounts of prescription medication or illegal substance consumed and individualized crash risk. NHTSA hopes to establish guidelines similar to those for alcohol based on the data it receives as well as additional research.

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