Updated on December 6th, 2022 at 08:27 pm

Non-standardized dui test: Dexterity

Certain types of field sobriety tests are considered non-standardized in that there is no set way to administer them. Three of those are designed to test your ability to use your hands. Your DUI lawyer will be able to educate you further on how the results of your field sobriety tests could be called into question.

Although one research study has shown that handwriting changes can be seen even at low intoxication levels, the study also found that alcohol intake was not determined to be the sole factor in the changes. Furthermore, other studies show that handwriting deterioration is not a reliable indicator of BAC. In one study, 35 men and women provided handwriting samples prior to, during, and after alcohol consumption to test for dexterity. After analyzing the samples, researchers found that looking at the handwriting was not an accurate way to assess how intoxicated the individuals were at the time of writing.

Another test designed to measure manual dexterity is the hand pat test. It is administered by having the officer instruct the subject to place one hand in front with the palm facing up. Then, the other hand is placed on the first hand with its palm facing down. After that, the top hand is to pat the bottom hand with the palm followed by a rotation of the top hand so that its back can pat the palm of the bottom hand.

The rotations and patting are to continue until the police officer instructs the person to stop. In addition, the speed of the rotation and pats is to increase over the course of the test. The hand pat test is considered to be designed for failure because, even when sober, the individual will probably eventually will make the wrong motion instead of a rotation and a pat.

The picking up coins test simply involves the officer placing coins on a flat surface and then having the person pick them up with a single hand. This test is rarely used.

Non-standardized tests are often scientifically invalidated and sometimes even designed for failure. To find out what other evidence against you in your DUI case can be called into question, contact the experienced Milwaukee DUI lawyers at duidefensewi.com