Updated on December 20th, 2022 at 04:44 pm

Your driving record is a part of the state’s case that could be used against you. Your Milwaukee DUI attorney will carefully analyze any prior convictions, if any, and ascertain their validity.

Some factors that matter when considering your past convictions include your access to or lack of legal counsel on the matter, whether you were convicted due to a plea agreement, if it was a juvenile DUI, and how long ago it occurred.

Given the right situation, your Milwaukee DUI lawyer could be able to stop the state from being able to use a past conviction against you.

Another important part of the case is witnesses. You may have witnesses to testify on your behalf and to strengthen your defense, but the state may have some on their behalf to validate the officer’s report as well.

If so, their names and contact information are often listed on police reports, which are obtainable through discovery. Your Milwaukee driving under the influence attorney will contact all possible witnesses for the state as soon as he or she is able and will interview them.

Carefully scrutinizing every part of the state’s case against you, including your driving record and any possible witnesses on their behalf, is where the expertise and knowledge of a qualified Milwaukee DUI attorney will benefit you in fighting at DUI.

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