Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


Each year the World’s Largest One Day Outdoor Fish Fry is held on the lake front in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  2013 Port Fish Day is Saturday (July 20).  Enjoy the fish and chips, great music and activities, and ice cold beer! However, after spending the day eating fish, drinking beer and enjoying the fireworks, the festival grounds close; driving home could result in a Wisconsin OWI.

Effects of Food on Alcohol Elimination for a Wisconsin OWI

While eating food at Fish Day will increase alcohol elimination in a person, the amount of alcohol consumed and other factors also contribute to your overall Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).  Dehydration from lack of water and exposure to the sun influence BAC.  Other personal factors, such as medications, the amount of food eaten, length of time consuming alcohol, etc. are additional factors that could slow the elimination of alcohol from the body.

Increased Wisconsin OWI Enforcement Officers

Port Fish Day is no different than any other festival or event when it comes to increased patrol for drunk drivers in Wisconsin.  There will be officers on the lookout for intoxicated drivers coming from Fish Day.  Most people will have to walk to their vehicles after the festival is over, so the Wisconsin OWI Enforcement officers will keep an eye out for people stumbling or weaving while walking, people already fumbling with their keys, and groups of people being loud or boisterous.

Hire Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen

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