Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


The cost of an Ozaukee County OWI extends further than to just the person who has received it.  Society is obligated to pay for drunk driving costs as well.  These people include taxpayers, drinkers and their families, and other people in society.  The annual cost for drunk driving in Ozaukee County is about $77.2 million.

Who Pays for an Ozaukee County OWI?

Of the $77.2 million annual amount, Ozaukee County taxpayers foot at least $32.5 million per year.  Another $32 million comes from drinkers and their families.  Other members of society pay nearly $13 million per year.  Each Ozaukee County citizen pays about $900 per year toward drunk driving in Ozaukee County.

Where Does the Money Go?

The money is used for many things in society.  Nearly $8.5 million goes toward healthcare.  Almost $56 million is used toward lost productivity.  This includes work lost due to missing employment, changes made for employees due to driving restrictions, finding new employees (in cases where employment is affected), the officers’ time used for the arrest, etc.  The final $13 million goes to other costs usually associated with the criminal justice system, motor vehicle crashes, etc.

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