Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 05:10 pm

One of your Milwaukee DUI attorney’s central focuses at your trial will be to win the jury’s favor in the hopes of increasing your chances of obtaining an acquittal. To do this, he or she will employ the principle of “reciprocation.” The concept embodied in the principle of reciprocation is that a jury is more likely to reach a favorable ruling if a litigant shows consideration for the jury’s time and energy by presenting his or her case in an efficient and engaging manner.

Reciprocation begins before the jury is selected. During the jury selection phase of the trial, your attorney will apply reciprocation and attempt to accommodate prospective jurors who state they are unable to serve due to personal or business obligations. Your attorney will ask the judge to excuse jurors with conflicts and will note his or her desire not to inconvenience any jurors unnecessarily. This gesture will go a long way toward making a positive impression on the jury before the evidence portion of the trial even begins.

Once the jury is empanelled, your Milwaukee DUI attorney will continue to create a pattern of reciprocation with the jury by presenting your case in a manner that combats the boredom and tedium often associated with being a juror. DUI trials can conceivably last several weeks, and jurors often find it difficult to tolerate the drawn out nature of the proceedings. Your Milwaukee DUI attorney will keep things interesting by using demonstrative exhibits, emoting during opening and closing statements, and occasionally inserting levity into the proceedings. If the jury is kept engaged during presentation of your case, it is more likely to find you not guilty.

Further, your Milwaukee DUI attorney will capitalize on every opportunity to shorten the trial by reaching stipulations with the prosecution whenever possible and arguing your case as succinctly as possible. A stipulation is an agreement between the parties that resolves a disputed issue without resort to argument before the judge or jury. Matters subject to stipulation are usually not central issues to the case; rather, they involve the admission of evidentiary exhibits and other noncontroversial subjects. Your Milwaukee DUI attorney will always make a point of alerting the jury to the fact that he or she is entering a stipulation in consideration of the jury’s time. Similarly, your attorney will attempt to present your case in a clear and direct fashion so that the jury understands your defenses and does not become frustrated by time wasting.

By utilizing the principle of reciprocation to make trial as entertaining, succinct, and simple as possible, your Milwaukee DUI attorney will position you to successfully defend the charge against you.

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