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The first few days after a Wisconsin OWI arrest are vital.  The next few days are important to gather the information of the timeline of events of the night leading up to the arrest for a Wisconsin OWI.  Speaking with a Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney can give perspective to your case.  Hiring WI OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen will provide an aggressive attack on your Wisconsin OWI charge.  In order to provide an aggressive defense, Attorney Nathan Dineen will need very specific details about each client, including diet, sleep patterns, health conditions, etc.  He will also need specific information about the events leading up to each client’s arrest for a Wisconsin OWI.

Pulled Over for a Wisconsin OWI

There are many things a police officer looks for when conducting a traffic stop for a Wisconsin OWI.  A police officer checks for how a person is driving (i.e. Are they swerving? How tightly they are gripping the steering wheel?).  They also determine the appearance of the vehicle (i.e. Is a mirror missing? Are the bumpers dented?).  Ultimately, it is whether the stop was reasonably and lawfully conducted.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Tests

There are three standardized tests a police officer must administer before “determining” impairment.  These tests include the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), Walk and Turn (WAT, and the One Leg Stand (OLS).  Obtaining video evidence allows Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen to make sure the tests were administered properly.  If a police officer determines impairment due to the field sobriety tests, then a blood or breath test is requested.

Factors Effecting Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

There are many factors effecting BAC when it comes to a Wisconsin OWI.  Gender, weight, amount of food eaten, types of food eaten, length of sleep, time elapsed since a person last slept, etc.  Certain medical conditions affect BAC such as diabetes and acid reflux.

Hire Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Dineen

If you have been arrested for a Wisconsin OWI, contact Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen.  He is a Certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor and Drug Recognition Evaluator.  His certifications in forensic chromotgraphy and drug analysis provide extensive overviews of blood alcohol content.  Attorney Dineen practices 100% OWI Defense in Wisconsin.  Call 877-384-6800 for a Free Wisconsin OWI Case Review.

Nathan J. Dineen