The US Attorney’s office in Kansas possessed of hundreds of confidential recordings of attorney client communications. The communications were intercepted at a private facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. Is there a risk of prosecutor’s spying on your Wisconsin drunk driving case? Read more to find out.

Over 227 Phone Calls and at Least 30 Videos Recorded Without Attorneys’ Knowledge

If you’re in Jail for drunk driving remember that jail staff is always listening!

It is believed that the attorneys were recorded without their knowledge. Special prosecutor David Cohen discovered over 227 phone calls and a minimum of 30 videos.

Prosecutors gathered the confidential recordings with the help of CoreCivic. CoreCivic is a private prison company that runs Leavenworth, and Securus Technologies, the company which oversees communications at the prison. Both companies are facing multiple lawsuits for recording private confidential attorney-client meetings.

Fortunately, Wisconsin Law forbids the use of private prisons.

Prosecutors Recordings Likened to Secret Casino Cameras

Peter Joy, a law professor at Washington University, likened prosecutors recording these private meetings to a casino having a secret camera to look at the player’s cards. “Just like that would be cheating at a casino and lead to the dealer always winning, intruding into the confidential communications of clients and lawyers takes away the promise of a fair trial.”

Mike Warner, a former first assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Kansas, was not surprised by the news. He stated that in this U.S. Attorney’s office there exists a “culture immune from supervision.” Prosecutors in Kansas adopted the ends justify the means approach to prosecution.

What To Do If You’re In Custody For A Criminal Charge In Wisconsin

If you’re in jail in Wisconsin for a criminal charge or DUI in Wisconsin remember that anything that you say, or do, will be recorded and videotaped. Make sure that you don’t discuss your case with anyone until you’ve contacted Attorneys Nathan J. Dineen and Daniel R. Skarie. Nate and Dan defend those accused of criminal offenses and drunk driving throughout Wisconsin. Contact us immediately for a free consultation at one of  Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.’s six Wisconsin offices.

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