Updated on February 5th, 2024 at 10:24 pm

Nate was professional, tactful and was extremely patient with a great outcome for a 3rd OWI in a difficult situation. Thank you again!! I would refer anyone to Nate and appreciate his willingness and extra effort in my case.


Nate was great. I didn’t have the funds to hire him but he walked me through how to get my occupational license.


I am extremely grateful to Nate and his staff for all of there help on my case. I got a great outcome.


I recently worked with Nate on my arrest for a second OWI. He did an excellent job on my behalf. Nate and his team were very responsive to questions I had throughout the legal process.


There were several things that he excelled at: clearly stating the options in approach, how the process would unfold, the costs of the alternatives and the probability of success. He was calm, direct and compassionate.


Nate and Adrienne did a fantastic job! My case was handled professionally everything was completed in a timely manner, and all matters were addressed.


I do recommend Nate Dineen. He is professional and expressly knowledgeable in owi cases. I had made inquiries to several attorneys, Nate returned my call and educated me on the seriousness of my situation.