Updated on December 6th, 2022 at 06:23 pm

Without looking into the specifics of a case, it is impossible to know what the ideal juror for it would be. Speaking broadly, a juror who would be good for DUI defense would be a person who drinks alcohol, drives, and seems to be as unbiased and objective as possible. Your Milwaukee DUI attorney will carefully screen jury members based on what would be best in your situation.

What specific characteristics of the jury member would help your defense in particular depends on what the case theme is. Two possible case themes include an improperly conducted breath test and a “disconnect” case.

If an improperly conducted breath test is your case theme, then you will want the jury members to be people who are believers in proper procedure and who would find sloppiness on the part of the officer who administered the test to you to be unacceptable. Accountants or former military members, with their emphasis on instructions and following through on details, would potentially be good jurors for your defense. Your lawyer will work to find jurors who agree that safeguards and procedure ought to be exactly followed and to dismiss jurors who do not believe that such precision is always necessary.

If your case theme is the “disconnect,” then your Milwaukee DUI attorney will argue that there is an inconsistency between your drinking pattern and your field sobriety test results as compared to the results of your chemical tests. For this case theme, you will want skeptical jury members who believe in questioning evidence. Jurors who would agree that machines are not perfectly precise, for example, would be ideal.

In order to increase your odds of successfully defending yourself against DUI charges, you will need legal help. Contact one of the experienced Milwaukee DUI attorneys at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen for a consultation on your case.