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The annual cost of Brown County OWI incidents costs nearly $318 million, according to Penny Black and Jason Paltzer, authors of The Burden of Excessive Use of Alcohol in Wisconsin.   That staggering number breaks down to about $1,285.00 dollars per Brown County resident.  The person arrested for a Brown County OWI is not the only person who has to pay.

Financial Responsibility for Brown County OWI

The annual total cost of $318 million is broken down into three general categories of people in society responsible for the burden of a Brown County OWI.  Drinkers convicted of a Brown County OWI and their families put in about $132 million.  Taxpayers and residents who have not been arrested for a Brown County OWI are responsible for nearly $134 million.  The remaining $52 million is covered by other members of society, such as private health insurance, employers, victims, etc.

What the Costs of a Brown County OWI Pays For

As a Brown County resident, it is important to know what you are paying for with an annual cost of $318 million.  About $230 million dollars goes toward lost productivity; the time lost by an employer not having an employee at work because of a Brown County OWI, the extra time taken by the officer for a drunk driving traffic stop, and the larger scale of opportunity cost on each resident.  The other $54 million covers the criminal justice system, vehicular crashes, etc.

Alcohol Use in Brown County

The use of alcohol in Brown County in 2011 resulted in nearly 59 deaths, 2,030 hospitalizations, and 3,024 arrests.  The national average of excessive alcohol use is about 16% of the population.  Wisconsin’s state average is at 23% and Brown County climbs to 25%.

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