Updated on February 5th, 2024 at 08:51 pm

If your Wisconin DUI charge goes to trial, how the jury will consider the case is the most significant issue. Evidence will be presented by both sides, but an important factor is a personal connection.

Jurors, first and most fundamentally, are people. Yes, they do agree to be bound by the rules of jury service and the instructions of the judge, but they are people who make decisions based on how they perceive the person making a statement.

The principle of “liking,” quite simply stated, is that if an individual is presented with a situation that requires a judgment, one way or another, that individual is far more likely to conclude in favor of the person they “like.”

It is important to consider that this principle of liking applies not only to you, as the defendant, but also to the attorney who represents the defendant. After all, it is your Milwaukee DUI attorney who will have much more interaction with the jury than you the defendant will.

In general, people tend to like others who are similar to them or share some common experience. Your attorney may be able to establish such connections during jury selection.

Generic juror profiles are provided both to the prosecution and defense. Perhaps some common link between, for example, a shared college experience or profession or military service can be mentioned as matter of conversation to the prospective juror.

Humor, too, is a great tool to remove barriers and create a connection. The manner in which an experienced attorney conducts the jury selection process may be a critical factor in the ultimate result of your trial.

A final issue is whether one or more jurors may not like you, for whatever reason, as the defendant. Should this be a potential issue, it would be wise to consider not testifying in your trial.

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