Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm

When planning a get together with friends, do you ever ask “should I bring juice or soda?”  The straight answer is “No.”  Social gatherings in Wisconsin provide a reason for celebration, which means alcohol is served or provided.  Wisconsin summers do not last very long, but are filled with fairs and festivals, ball games and tailgating, and hanging out in a pool or on a boat on the lake.  Social gatherings are at a high, especially when enjoying the sunny and warm weather Wisconsin has to offer in these few months.  This also means the intake of alcohol is much higher.  There are only 15 days until the largest musical festival in the state, which means a large number of people consuming alcohol.

Summerfest is quickly approaching, so get your tickets.  Some people get them through work, some buy them on-line, and others receive them from other local businesses.  There are also daily promotions for free admission on certain days, and these promotions benefit the Hunger Task Force.  Another promotion for this year is that Summerfest and the Brewers are teaming up and offering a special deal for a ticket to select home games along with admission for one to Summerfest.  Check out other special offers on-line.  Catch local and big name bands at one of the many stages or the main headliner at the Marcus Ampitheater.

Because of the popularity of Summerfest, many people drive from far distances to Summerfest and pay for premier or preferred parking, however, there are safer forms of transportation.  By using a Park & Ride in the counties of Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Jefferson, and Dodge, the city buses offer transportation to and from the Summerfest grounds for a small fare.  Milwaukee also offers bus transportation from the Summerfest grounds to and from Downtown Milwaukee.  These may be safer routes if you do not have a designated sober driver.

The number of drunken driving incidents is higher during summer events such as this.  Patrolling officers are much more aware of people who have consumed alcohol, especially in larger quantity.  Summer events promote that party feeling, and drinking in the sun and heat only dehydrates a person more.  A person is usually less hungry when exposed to high temperatures as well.  These factor into greater risk of intoxication, even when drinking a limited amount of alcohol.

So, Wisconsin, think before you drink (too much), and enjoy the entertainment at the 45th Anniversary of Summerfest!

Nathan J. Dineen