Updated on December 13th, 2022 at 03:02 pm

Before your make any decisions regarding your DUI charge, it is important for you to thoroughly understand the law and its implications on you and your case. That is why it is so important for you to have a good Milwaukee DUI attorney who can explain and educate you about your case.

First, your drunk driving attorney will explain to you the elements of the “driving under the influence” offense for which you were charged. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt each element to the jury in order to win a conviction.

That means that if there is even one element that is missing in your case, you will have to provide your DUI attorney with some additional information in order to get an acquittal.

In addition to explaining the elements of your case, your Wisconsin DUI attorney will also give you a good idea of how the Wisconsin criminal justice system works. He will explain the consequences of any conviction, plea negotiations, or alternative sentencing.

After giving you the big picture, your lawyer should then go into detail about your drunk driving (or other underlying) charges and the possible consequences, including:

1.) All possible defenses that your lawyer can raise at your trial;
2.) All possible fines;
3.) If there was an accident involved, any potential civil liability;
4.) What a conviction would mean to you, possible penalties you face;
5.) What affect a DUI may have on your employment and future education;
6.) The possibility of your driver’s license getting suspended;
7.) Any alternative sentencing that may be available, i.e. electronic monitoring;
8.) An increase in your insurance premiums because of your DUI charge.

An important aspect of your DUI case that your Milwaukee DUI lawyer should discuss with you is the issue of perjury. Perjury is the willful act of making a false statement or affirmation under oath.

A good DUI attorney will encourage you to be truthful in your testimony should you take the stand at trial. He will explain to you that if you commit perjury, you will either face penalties from the court, or your attorney will take certain actions if he knows of your intention to lie on the stand.

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