Updated on March 24th, 2021 at 04:05 pm

If you think about it, defense lawyers are at an inherent disadvantage in DUI trials. The prosecution gets to give its opening statement before the defense does, call its witnesses before the defense calls theirs, and makes its closing argument before the defense can. First impressions matter a lot in any trial. Because the jury hears the prosecution’s version of the events before the defense even gets a say, many of the jurors’ opinions about you and your case will be formed based on the prosecution’s version of the events.

Inexperienced DUI lawyers will attempt to shoot down everything the prosecution says and hope that some of their counterarguments stick in the jurors’ mind. These lawyers will challenge facts that are supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence and nitpick points that are not that important to the case. They question every piece of evidence that the prosecution submits, no matter how minor. The worst of them will openly browbeat the opposing witnesses during cross-examinations. Not only do these lawyers present arguments that are unfocused and hard to follow, they can actually undermine your case by coming off as contrarian petty bullies and undermine any sympathy the jury has for you.

An experienced Milwaukee DUI lawyer will take a very different approach. Instead of an inexperienced lawyer’s scattershot approach, an experienced Milwaukee DUI lawyer will develop a consistent alternative narrative of the events. To put it in plainer terms, an experienced attorney will not only try to convince the jury that the prosecution’s version of the story is wrong, but he will also tell the jury what probably did happen instead.

This approach has several advantages. First, stories are naturally easier to remember than a series of random facts. If your lawyer is telling a story with his defense, the jurors are more likely to remember the details of the defense and find the defense to be more compelling on the whole. Second, having a story to tell allows the experienced lawyer to more effectively choose his battles. The experienced lawyer will not object to everything the prosecution says but only to the things the prosecution says that are incompatible with that story. Fewer objections mean that the jury is less likely to see each individual objection as frivolous.

If you are fighting a DUI, don’t do it with an inexperienced lawyer. Speak with lawyers who know what they’re doing. Contact the dedicated Milwaukee DUI lawyers at the law firm of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen today for a free consultation.