Updated on February 5th, 2024 at 08:51 pm

What is Voir Dire?

Voir dire is an important part of the trial process for a DUI case. This phase of the trial must take place before the court seats the jurors in your case and the attorneys begin their arguments. During Voir dire, the attorneys on both sides of your case will question prospective jurors before selecting the members of your jury. Voir dire often reveals prospective jurors’ personal biases and information about their backgrounds.

You might benefit from representation by a skilled Milwaukee DUI lawyer or law firm who can conduct the Voir dire in your case.

Your defense attorney should take care to make the right impression on the jury in your DUI case before the trial even begins. It is important to avoid making prospective jurors feel like they’re irrelevant or insignificant. It is also critical that your lawyer avoid insulting prospective jurors or making them feel like your lawyer has invaded their privacy. Furthermore, your lawyer should avoid asking questions in a threatening manner. A bad impression during Voir dire may have a negative impact on your verdict.

A skilled Milwaukee DUI lawyer should be able to complete Voir dire in a respectful manner while also asking pertinent questions and gathering the necessary information to select the jury for your trial. Your lawyer should ask clear and open-ended questions that will draw out voluntary information from jurors. Voir dire may also involve your attorney asking one prospective juror to comment on the responses given by another. Alternatively, your lawyer might ask a question and request discussion by the prospective jurors among themselves.

The underlying goal of Voir dire is to identify the jurors who will listen to the evidence in your trial without personal bias or preconceived negative feelings about you. Accordingly, you should select a Milwaukee DUI lawyer who will carefully handle this phase of your DUI trial. For a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer in the Milwaukee area, contact the law firm of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen at 1-877-384-6800.

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