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Every so often people get pulled over by a Wisconsin police officer and get cited with a minor ticket such as a seat belt violation or a speeding ticket.  These people don’t think much of it and just pay the ticket.  A person who receives a Wisconsin DUI may think it is just easier to pay the ticket.  Even though a Wisconsin First Offense DUI is a Civil Forfeiture, it does not mean it is any less significant to the daily running of one’s life.  However, every DUI is serious, even first offenses.

What you can lose with a driving under the influence charge

It’s not easy overcoming the obstacles that come with a Wisconsin DUI alone, but sometimes that is the feeling of this unfortunate situation.  There are many challenges that a person faces during and after a Wisconsin DUI charge.

Effect on driving privileges

One of the first things a person loses from driving drunk is his/her driver’s license.  This can make life very difficult to get around.  Even though a person can apply for an Occupational license, it does not mean that he/she will qualify or receive it.

Employment issues 

Unless a person is continuously able to car pool or gets a ride from a family member or friend, it is difficult to get to his/her place of employment.  Even with an occupational license, driving times are limited.  Depending on a person’s employment, an employer may not be able to accommodate these new restrictions.  Loss of employment is a challenge one might face.  A person who drives with a Commercial driver’s license cdl, may lose his/her privilege of the CDL for life.

How wisconsin dui’s effect continuing education

What is your major?  People who chose to continue education in the criminal justice field, certain sciences, etc. may have ramifications larger than expected.  Many areas of continued education have a prerequisite of no criminal history.  Some universities may even place a person on a suspension, prolonging higher educational goals. Driving drunk in Wisconsin is against the law and could severely damage dreams of a person’s future career.

Reputation changes due to a wisconsin owi

Although a person may be able to find another place of employment, the salary, benefits, hours, etc. can be very different.  For those continuing education, it may mean a few more semesters or having to change universities.  A person charged with a Wisconsin DUI will have this on his/her record.  This information is found on Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (commonly known as CCAP).  Not only will professional reputation be hindered, but a person’s social reputation changes.  People that once appeared as good friends may no longer have your back.  Friends and family could be embarrassed about this situation.  Relationships are bound to change.

Fighting your driving under the influence charge

It is important to consider the long-term ramifications of a Wisconsin DUI.  The personal, educational, professional, and financial aspects of life alter because of this mistake.  Many may think that just paying the ticket or hiring a cheap attorney is sufficient, because he/she thinks it will be less expensive than hiring an experienced attorney.  At that exact moment, it may feel that way, until the long-term ramifications affect him/her.  You think hiring an experienced attorney is expensive? Wait until you hire an amateur.

Hiring an experienced drunk driving attorney

Attorney Nathan J. Dineen of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. has the knowledge and experience of defending Wisconsin DUI’s.  His practice is solely focused on drunk driving defense and protecting the rights of clients charged with drunk driving or operating while impaired in Wisconsin.  He is recognized as a Top-Rated Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney by Milwaukee Magazine.  Contact him for a free initial consultation at 1-877-384-6800 or complete a Free Case Review online.  Think before you drink and drive as this decision will affect more than just your driving record.