Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm

Early this morning many people woke up to a “Blizzard Warning” announcement on their phones.  Snow will be covering most of Wisconsin beginning this evening into late Thursday.  With snow accumulation between 4”-12” and winds blowing between 25-40 mph, travel will be treacherous.

Preparing for Winter Weather

Although it may not be feasible for some people, traveling during and after the storm is not highly recommended.  If traveling, make sure you are well prepared for any situation.

First be sure to remove any and all snow from the windows and the roof of your vehicle.  Any snow remaining on the windows causes blind spots.  Snow on the roof of the vehicle can be thrown onto other vehicles, causing hazards to other drivers.

When driving during blizzard weather conditions, it is important to have working wiper blades.  When snow accumulates quickly, it can pile up on the windshield and should be wiped away.

If an accident or spin-out occurs, have valid proof of insurance and make sure you have all winter necessities (i.e. hat, mittens or gloves, boots, and a winter jacket).  It is also helpful to have a blanket, flashlight, and water.  Police officers and tow trucks are usually very busy with accidents and spin-outs, so it may take a while before authorities arrive.  If your vehicle has stalled because of an accident, it will be necessary for you to keep warm for survival.

Speed Limits are for Clear Conditions

Although you may be comfortable driving faster, other drivers may drive slower.  Be sure to drive at a speed appropriate for weather conditions.  Blizzards can cause white-outs and make visibility of more than a few feet nearly impossible.  Stay farther back from vehicles in front of you as they may spin-out and you would not want to hit them.  Because some areas will be experiencing snow/rain mix, black ice is likely.  When coming to a stop do not slam on your brakes, rather tap them in short bursts to maintain traction.

Conditions for travel are less safe during a blizzard, but could be disastrous personally, professionally, and financially if alcohol is involved.   If you find yourself in this situation, contact WI DUI Defense Attorney NathanJ. Dineen of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. at 877-384-6800 for a Free Case ReviewDrive safe and enjoy the winter wonderland!