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If you’ve been Arrested for DUI…You Need to Act FAST…

A person arrested for a Wisconsin OWI is given a Notice of Intent for Suspension along with a Request for an Administrative Review Hearing.  It is important to go through all of the paperwork received after a Wisconsin OWI, as some paperwork is time sensitive.  The Notice of Intent to Suspend allows a person arrested for drunk driving to have a valid license for the next 30 days.  In order to fight this suspension, a DUI Driver’s License Suspension Review Hearing must be requested within 10 days.

What is a Wisconsin DUI License Suspension Review Hearing?

An Administrative Review Hearing is a DMV hearing to review your case prior to administratively suspending your driver’s license.  The hearing focuses on the whether the police officer had witnessed the person driving the vehicle, the Reasonableness of the Officer Stopping the Person, and if there was probable cause for the arrest.  The police report, the testimony of the arresting officer, and the chemical evidence are reviewed at this time.

What is the importance of Requesting an Administrative Review Hearing in Wisconsin?

An Administrative Review Hearing is set within 30 days of the drunk driving arrest, which means the incident is still fresh in the mind of the driver and the officer.  These statements can be later reviewed in Court or at trial if it is beneficial to the client.  This also allows the DMV representative to understand whether the above requirements were met and successful.  If the requirements are not met, it could mean that the driver’s privilege to drive a motor vehicle is not automatically suspended at this time.

Hiring an Experienced Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney

The knowledge and experience of Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen provides a base for the importance of a DUI License Suspension Review Hearing.  He knows the steps to take to take to fight a driver’s license suspension.  Contact Attorney Nathan J. Dineen of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. at 1-800-805-1976 or Complete a Free DUI Case Review.

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