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When a person has been pulled over and charged with a Wisconsin drunk driving charge, the most important thing for that person to do is hire an attorney.  However, not just any attorney will do.  By hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Wisconsin DUI Defense attorney, the outcome of the case will dramatically change (for the better). Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. understands the Wisconsin DUI laws and continually updates his education and training to best represent his clients and get the best outcome for each.

Recent Wisconsin DUI Certification Seminar Training and Education

Attorney Dineen is certified to train attorneys and police officers how to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST).  He has instructed many other DUI Defense attorneys about proper administration of the SFST and the cues to look for.  Attorney Dineen is 1 of 4 Wisconsin DUI Defense attorneys with the SFST Instructor Certification.  Hiring a Wisconsin DUI Defense attorney with the knowledge and skills to understand and analyze field sobriety tests helps to determine whether each test was administered correctly by the arresting officer.  As a Wisconsin DUI Defense attorney, Nate has the ability to make these determinations, which could mean a difference of the outcome of the case.

Why Standardized Field Sobriety Testing is Important

A Wisconsin police officer must give Reason for the Stop.  Was the driver making erratic movements, switching lanes, swerving, driving too slow or too fast, etc?  Once a person is pulled over, the officer must have reason to determine whether to administer SFST’s.  The officer will look for glassy eyes, slow or delayed reaction, odor of intoxicants/alcohol, and/or slurred speech.   If these are characteristics of the driver, the officer will ask the driver to step out of the vehicle and begin to administer the SFST, which include, but are not limited to, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN, Walk and Turn Test (WAT), and the One Leg Stand (OLS).

HGN: This test checks the reaction of the eyes.  When a person is intoxicated, the movements of the eyes have a lack of smooth pursuit.  The eyes also have a noticeable, involuntary shaking when at maximum deviation.

WAT: This a two part test, with the driver remaining in the starting position as the directions are given to him/her and the second part of physically taking nine steps, turning, and taking nine steps back to the starting position.

OLS: This is also a two part test, with the directions given first, and then the driver lifting his/her foot 6 inches off the ground, with the bottom of the foot parallel to the ground and counting aloud by thousands (one thousand one, etc.).

Hire Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen

Attorney Dineen is recognized as a leading DUI Defense attorney in Wisconsin by M Magazine for 2012.  He is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s) and Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE).  He has the ability to help his clients through this tough time, and helps reach the best possible outcome for each client.  Contact Attorney Dineen at 1-800-805-1976 or Complete a Free DUI Case Evaluation.

Nathan J. Dineen