If you have been charged with a Wisconsin DUI immediately contact Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen.  Contacting a general criminal defense attorney could cost you much more than money.  In fact, hiring a general criminal defense attorney is like having brain surgery and having a general surgeon instead of a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) operate.  Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen practices 100% DUI Defense in Wisconsin.  His knowledge and experience provide an aggressive defense to his clients.

How Do You Find a Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney?

Research.  You do not want to have consultations with multiple attorneys only to find out they don’t solely practice DUI Defense in Wisconsin.  By Google searching DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin, be sure to look for certain credentials for a superior Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney.  Attorney Nathan Dineen is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, a Certified Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor and Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE).  General criminal defense attorneys do not hold these certifications.

Top-Rated DUI Defense Attorney

Milwaukee Magazine listed top attorneys in each field of practice.  The ratings were based on AVVO.com scores, which are peer reviews, areas of practice, and certifications held.  Attorney Nathan Dineen is rated among the top of the list for DUI Defense in Wisconsin.

Go for the Best, Don’t Settle for the Rest

Don’t settle for an amateur, hire the best.  Top-rated Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen is available 24/7 by calling 877-384-6800 for a Free Case Review.  Attorney Nathan Dineen is focused in the area of DUI Defense in Wisconsin and attends seminars across the country to continually expand his knowledge of DUI Defense.  Don’t just settle for a general criminal defense attorney when you can Hire the Best DUI Defense Attorney in Wisconsin.  Your reputation is on the line, so hire Attorney Nathan Dineen to aggressively protect your reputation.