After receiving a Wisconsin DUI, whether a first offense or fifth offense, each Wisconsin DUI offender must take a Wisconsin DUI Alcohol Assessment.  A Wisconsin DUI Alcohol Assessment, also known as Alcohol and Other Drugs (A.O.D.A.) Assessments, is a one-on-one meeting  between a Wisconsin drunk driver and a counselor to determine drinking habits, family history of drinking, and potential risks of drinking behavior.  Assessments for alcohol start out as one-on-ones but they may go to group meetings or in-patient care.

Wisconsin Alcohol Assessment Locations

There are a variety of locations for alcohol assessments in Wisconsin.  A Wisconsin AODA Assessment usually occurs in the county of the drunk driving violation; however, some people are able to attend the assessment of alcohol habits in the county in which they live.   Some counties have multiple locations to choose from. A Wisconsin DUI Alcohol Assessment varies in price from county to county. However, an AODA Assessment typically costs around $250.00 dollars.

Finding A Wisconsin Alcohol Assessment

Determining the right fit is a personal decision.   Sometimes an initial one-on-one meeting provides enough knowledge to determine lifestyle changes.  For other people, group settings and sharing of struggles with alcohol use and/or abuse form a path to that change.  Others may have a harder struggle, so in-patient alcohol assessments and counseling lends guidance to a lifestyle change.

Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney

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