Wisconsin Drunk Driving Charge Leads to Suspended License

Typically, the immediate Penalty of a Wisconsin DUI is the suspension of your Wisconsin Drivers License.  The penalty for a First Wisconsin DUI Charge is a suspension ranging from from 6 months to 9 months.  The suspension of a Wisconsin Driver’s License can make day-to-day life extremely difficult. If you have received a Wisconsin DUI you have to be ready to fight for your license. Time is of the essence! You have ten days to fight for you license before the Wisconsin D.O.T. will automatically suspend it. If you are convicted of a DWI charge you will also face Increased Auto Insurance known as SR-22 Insurance.

Wisconsin OWI Drivers License Suspension

A First Offense Wisconsin DUI Charge will result in a license suspension for 6 to 9 months.  A person with a Wisconsin first offense DUI who refuses chemical testing will have an automatic one year WI license suspension.  A WI second offense DUI means a 12-18 month suspension of a driver’s license in Wisconsin, with an automatic two-year revocation of license if a Wisconsin driver refuses chemical testing.  A Wisconsin driver’s license will be suspended 2-3 years for a third offense WI DUI and above.  These offenses will automatically have a three year Wisconsin license suspension for a chemical refusal.

Wisconsin DUI Occupational License

A Wisconsin Occupational License allows a driver to use a vehicle for means of transportation to and from work, school, or other household necessities (i.e. grocery shopping, picking up children from school, etc.).  A Wisconsin Occupational License must be applied for by the Wisconsin drunk driving offender.  A driver with a first offense Wisconsin DUI is able to apply for the occupational license immediately after suspension; however, a driver who refuses a chemical test must wait 30 days before applying for a Wisconsin occupational license.  All other Wisconsin DUI offenses have a 45 day waiting period before applying for an occupational license, and a 12 month waiting period for having a prior WI DUI within 5 years.

Fighting A Wisconsin DUI Driver’s License Suspension

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