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St. Patrick’s Day in Wisconsin is filled with green beer, Irish music, and holiday parades.  People gather at all hours of the day to celebrate the drinking holiday.  After hours of drinking at a parade, at a bar, or with friends and family, the day must come to an end.  Have you determined a safe way to get home? You can expect Wisconsin OWI Enforcement to be at an all-time high!

Wisconsin OWI: Risking Arrest on St. Patrick’s Day

Getting behind the wheel after hours of drinking is dangerous.  Even if you don’t feel drunk, your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) may/will still be over the legal limit.  Keeping track of drinks and shots can be difficult to measure over the course of the day, especially when continually “topping off” your drink.  The amount of food eaten throughout the course of the day may not add up to complete meals.  Other factors can change B.A.C. as well.  Wisconsin OWI Holiday Patrols are out to maintain crowds and watch for drunk people staggering to their cars.

Avoid a Wisconsin OWI with Public Transportation

Some bars participate in a Safe Ride program with taxi cab companies.  The bar will call for a taxi to pick up people and bring them to their homes.  If you are in the city, the Miller Lite safe rides buses have free transportation to different areas of the city. Although you may have to walk a few blocks, the trip can be shortened with the bus.  Plus, walking is better than a St. Patty’s Day Wisconsin OWI Arrest.

Alternatives to a St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin OWI

Make a plan or pick straws for a designated sober driver within your group of friends or family.  This way, you know you will get home safely.  But what happens if your designated driver has failed to stay sober in the past?  Rent a bus, trolley, or limo!  Have your friends gather at your home to arrive in style to wherever the day takes you.  The bus, trolley, or limo drivers remain sober for the festivities, allowing for a safe ride home.

St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin OWI Bust

Just because you’re dressed like a Leprechaun does not always mean you are lucky!  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a Wisconsin OWI arrest, call Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen.  He is a Certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor and Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE).  100% Wisconsin OWI Defense. Don’t Trust Your Future to Jo-Shmo General Criminal Defense Attorney! Call 877-384-6800 24/7 for a Free Initial Consultation!
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