Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


We have all heard the saying “Don’t Drink and Drive.”  Many people take this saying to mean “Don’t Drink.”  Some states have grasped the understanding that people are going to drink alcoholic beverages, and introduced a new campaign to prevent drunk driving.  The new saying “Drink and Don’t Drive” adheres to the fact that many people will choose to drink, but cautions people to not drive after consuming alcohol.

The Media and Alcohol

The media influences drinking and driving behavior.  Each day people listen to the radio and hear songs about getting drunk and having a good time.  Reality television shows show groups of people hitting up the town and throwing a few back.  The news is covered with celebrities and athletes being charged with drunk driving.  Each of these factors of everyday life has some influence on what a person drinks, where a person drinks, and sometimes how much is consumed.  Are you also influenced by the media about whether or not to drive?  The new saying “Drink and Don’t Drive” acknowledges drinking behavior while reminding people not to drive after drinking.

OWI? Who Are You Going to Call?

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