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Do not wait…You only have 10 days to respond!

After your arrest for a Wisconsin OWI, you will receive a Notice of Intent to Suspend, either at the time of your arrest or in the mail.  Your license will automatically be suspended after thirty days unless you complete the Request for Administrative Review.  This is a request for a hearing which will determine whether your license will be automatically suspended or not.

Wisconsin OWI Suspension Review Hearing

Once you have requested a Wisconsin OWI Suspension Review hearing, your attorney, the arresting officer  and the administrator from the Department of Transportation will discuss whether you were actually driving or operating a motor vehicle, probable cause determined by the officer to make the arrest, and other aspects of the traffic stop.

Importance of a Suspension Review Hearing for a Wisconsin OWI

Ultimately, your attorney will try to avoid having your driving license administratively suspended.  An Administrative Suspension means that your license is suspended before you are convicted of a Wisconsin OWI, or have even gone to Court.  This hearing also marks the first interaction your attorney has with the arresting officer.  This hearing will allow your attorney to get background information on the officer’s experience with Wisconsin OWI arrests and the training the officer has completed.

Wisconsin OWI Attorney Nathan J. Dineen Is the Attorney for You

If you have been charged with a Wisconsin OWI, you should act quickly.  You only have 10 days to request a Wisconsin OWI Suspension Review Hearing.  Contact Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen.  He understands the importance of his client’s privilege to drive.  Contact Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen at 877-384-6800 for your Free Case Review.